colin handley as joshamee hamish gibbs double in pirates of the caribbean Joshamee Hamish Gibbs double in Pirates of the Caribbean
colin handley with anthony de longis at hollywood advanced stunt course Colin and Anthony de Longis
colin handley training with chuck norris high kick Training with Chuck Norris
chuck norris and colin handley training Colin with Chuck Norris
colin handley with jean claude van damme With Jean-Claude van Damme
colin handley performing fire burn Performing a fire burn stunt
colin handley with toby fuller in hollywood With Toby Fuller in Hollywood
ryan handley with colin handley at taurus world stunt awards At Taurus World Stunt Awards
colin handley demonstrating window penetration stunt Demonstrating a window penetration stunt
colin handley with scott adkins Colin with Scott Adkins

Colin Handley Showreel 2015

Colin Handley - Martial Arts Demo