Warrior Woman Retreat

Warrior Woman Retreat Empowering Women

Would you like to bring a group of women, friends, family, work colleagues, gym partners or adrenaline junkies, from Sydney, Gold Coast, Country Towns and Brisbane for an empowering ‘Warrior Women Retreat’ weekend?

This Retreat is the ultimate women’s empowering experience. It will exhilarate your senses, challenge your abilities, and test your resolve and leave you with an amazing winning mentality.

Warrior Woman Retreat Action Activities

Imagine running warrior women through the Ninja Obstacle Course, a Xena Fight Scene, Wonder Woman Flying on wires, High Falls, Rappelling and finishing with a Human Torch Fire Burn.

This extraordinary weekend will boost confidence, self esteem, and motivation. Most noteworthy, your group would enjoy the extreme team building experience.

Our Obstacle Course has fun and challenging obstacles that will develop your balance, agility and strength. This course has balance beams, cargo nets, tunnels, rolling logs, climbing walls, swinging rings, ninja steps and much more.

Warrior Woman Action Star

The Xena Fight Scene will be taught and then filmed. You will be an Action Star. We use fight choreography and stunt techniques, taught by our experts.

You will appear to be an absolute legendary fighter, no matter what level of skill you already have.

All of us have dreamed of flying like a superhero! Now is your chance! You will be fitted with a professional stunt flying harness, suspended in the air, and move around our flying rig.

Warrior Woman Head for Heights

High falls is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can imagine. Jumping off our tower at a height that you are comfortable with, and landing on our huge Stunt Airbag.

There are a few different falling skills you will try at your own comfort level.

Rappelling or abseiling like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, will have you sliding down our purpose built tower on an abseil rope.

You will be fitted with harness, gloves, carabiner and descending device (figure 8). Then taught to rappel smoothly and with precision and skill.

Warrior Woman on Fire

Those who are game can perform a Human Torch Fire burn, as part of your confidence building experience.

This is one of the most exciting stunts performed safely and with spectacular results. Wait till you show that video to your friends and family …Wow!

We will celebrate in your best cocktail attire, with a rewarding presentation ceremony.

Accommodation can easily be arranged across the road from Stunt Park at the Town and Country Motel.


Angela’s most recent work for 2016-2018 included: Village Roadshow, starring as a “featured mother” for Sea World’s Summer Commercial, “Entertainer” for Hype Promotions, getting into Character as “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Mad Hatter”, Village Road Shows Top Golf Mother, and Australian Outback extra.

Previous to this work, whilst residing in a South Melbourne Suburb and with a love for Action Angela worked on the Movie “The Killer Elite” starring one of her favourite action stars Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro, and also on “Surviving Georgia” Starring Holly Valance and played the role of “Constable. J. Casey” in the TV series “Rush”.

Angela has also had the opportunity to Model for Hair and Makeup stylists, International Travel and Fashion Campaign, and Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod Rockabilly show.

Throughout Angela’s extra, acting and modeling experiences/opportunities, in 2007 she studied and worked as a personal trainer. With her passion for fitness, being healthy and encouraging others, with the ambition of starting her own business and opening her own gym. Angela began studying Business to gain the knowledge and skills she would need.

In September 2017, Angela dedicated to her passion of training, with 3am
gym sessions, 12hr work days and a struggle for a healthy lifestyle and continued to pursue her dreams and use her God given gifts/talent and diversity to inspire and encourage others.

Angela went on to be one of the 12 contestants in the first season of the television series “Action Star TV” which had her filming in a Gold Coast mansion, acting, performing fight choreography (gaining knowledge from fight choreographer legends Richard Norton and Trung Ly), accomplishing stunts, singing, and achieving difficult challenges in which we saw Angela take out the title of Action Star TV Winner 2018 in the magnificent TV series finale to now continuing a career in her new found love for stunts.

After 3 years of solid training in Hollywood and Gold Coast, Angela has since achieved her goal of becoming a certified Stunt Person in October 2018 and continues training in: Fire burns, High falls, Military training, Fight, Taekwondo, Katana, Motorbike riding, Air Rams, Ratchets, Abseiling, Military Rappel, Car drifting, Window breaks and Stair falls.

Angela also enjoys inspiring others while teaching at the Australian Stunt Academy. Not only does she wish to continue to inspire she is in high hopes to fulfill her dreams of appearing on the big screen and encourage others to follow their passion.


Peta is passionate about helping young athletes and women, particularly athletes, reach their potential across multi-disciplines just as she has done.

Her love of and participation in gymnastics began the moment she could walk, culminating internationally in acro-gym competitions at the age of 16.

Expanding her repertoire to include trapeze skills, Peta was selected in 2017 as a competitor for Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior, a relationship she maintained with the franchise in 2018 as a Ninja-course tester.

Peta is a qualified personal trainer and is currently working with Colin Handley (the Founder of Stunt Park) to be a stunt instructor specialising in Ninja Warrior and Warrior Women training. Her love of the outdoors and physical challenges have seen her participate in many events, including Sydney’s City2Surf, and the Oxfam Trailwalker.

Peta has so much to offer regarding diet, motivation, inspiration and physical fitness, and is now keen to share this extensive knowledge and experience with the participants of the Warrior Woman Retreats.