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Action Factor Spectacular Services


Action Factor provides many opportunities for Corporate Events, Functions, Conventions, Commercial Publicity Stunts, Parties, and Product Launches. Stunt Park is now steadily making its presence felt as a primary source of talent, ideas and equipment. This makes a sensational impact with Action Factor shows.

Stunt Park’s Action Factor can theme an event with 007, The Matrix, Charlie’s Angels, Commandos etc. Also on offer is Rappelling, High Falls, Fire Burns, spectacular Sword and Fight scenes, the latest Wirework, explosions etc. Fancy having your logo set on fire and have people bursting through it? The choice is wild. Whoever, whatever, wherever, we can make a spectacular Action Factor presentation to be remembered for life. Anyone anywhere in the world, with an upcoming event or function should contact us for ideas and costs to make a real impression.

Stage Combat

Planning Action Factor Sequences

Our very experienced stunt planners can create, plan and execute spectacular action required for Action for film, television, theme parks and live theatrical performance. We can organize the casting, rehearsals, choreography and directing of these specialized action sequences.

Stunt Coordination

Stunt Park staff are some of the most talented Stunt Coordinators from all around the world. These include specialist in activities such as aerial work, vehicles, fights, rigging, water, fire and horses.

Fight Choreography

Colin Handley has a highly skilled team of stunt specialists. They have worked in the area of Theatrical Fighting for decades. This includes creating, choreographing and implementing exciting fight scenes. Clients include Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Live Action Shows and many filmed productions.

Publicity Stunts

We all know how the media love anything exciting and spectacular. This always spices up a story, regardless of whether it’s an online publication, social media, local TV, press or live radio. We can theme a thrilling publicity stunt to attract media attention, and an accompanying story so that the general public will be compelled to take interest.

Stunt Personnel

Our staff and graduates are some of the most talented, skillful and experienced Stunt Performers in the world. Our graduates are stunt performers who possess great skill levels and special abilities. They form an extensive worldwide network. We can provide any number of stunt professionals required for any size production.


The Action Factor show can adapt many themes for most situations. Examples include the following:

  • Special Agents (James Bond)
  • Commandos & Terrorists
  • Action Heroes (Terminator, Rambo, Charlie’s Angels, Tomb Raider)
  • Comic Book Characters (Batman, Dare Devil)
  • Samurai and Ninja, The Matrix (Wirework)

Work with us to develop the most suitable and spectacular production that you require.


Stunt Park is able to provide all of the required equipment to perform any unique and complex stunt. Protective padding, mats, airbags, air rams, rigging, harnesses etc. can be transported to most countries world wide.

In 2009 due to demand, the Stunt Academy (now part of Stunt Park) introduced corporate team building for local, national and international corporate clients.

Our activities are designed for organisations that may have identified areas of their business that need improving, or goals to be accomplished. The best place to start is people motivation.

Whatever Stunt Park team building experience you choose, it will involve fun and inspirational motivation.


If you have any questions regarding any of our activities or would like to make a booking for your organisation, please get in touch with us today.

We are flexible and will customize to suit your business needs. You’re welcome to contact us to discuss a sensational Action Factor high impact show.

Please call  0412 455 005