Ninja Obstacles

Challenging Ninja Obstacles to Build Skills

Our Ninja Obstacles are part of a collaborative effort between Stunt Park and Terrain Training on the Gold Coast. Our unique series of obstacles is the leading and most challenging outdoor coaching facility in Australia.

This action session is available on Saturdays for adults and children, as young as 2 years old. Our activities also improve balance, strength, agility, fitness, and build self-confidence.

Featured Unique Obstacles

Obstacle Park features unique obstacles and stunt exercise equipment, designed for beginners to top level fitness enthusiasts:

  • Rope climbs
  • Apex walls: 45 degree angled wall where you pull yourself up only by using a rope
  • Upper body strength is crucial
  • Rings and monkey bars
  • Walls
  • Tyre runs
  • Parallel bars

Physics of The Warped Wall

The only Warped Wall in Queensland is a popular and exceptional excercise feature of Stunt Park’s, Obstacle Park. This type of wall is similar to the legendary, challenging obstacle in the Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) and American Ninja Warrior conquering Mt. Midoriyama television series.

The science behind conquering the Warped Wall focuses on maximising every single aspect of what you as a stuntman or stunt woman or stunt kid can do with your body as far as physics is concerned.

Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) Success Grown into a New Sport

Australian Ninja Warrior is coming in 2017. The Ninja Warrior game show is based on a challenging Japanese contest called Sasuke. The ultimate obstacle-course Sasuke game show has 100 challengers contesting the event. They are seeking to claim “Total Victory”.

Challenges contest four stages of obstacles. As the stages progress, the level difficulty of the obstacles increases. The show’s amazing success inspired the hit US version. Join our workshops now to prepare for your audition to become the Australian Ninja Warrior!

If you’re hooked on stunts after your Obstacle Park Experience, try out our introductory Gold Coast based stunt options. This will give you foundation skills to prepare you for professional and high level instruction at Stunt Academy.

Contact Information

For Obstacle Park Enquiries and Bookings:

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