Warrior Within – Self Defence and Empowerment

Warrior Within – Self defence experience Empowering Women




Ninja obstacle course, realistic self defence, jump into the Hollywood airbag, fly like Superheros, try archery and spear throwing.


Would you know how to protect yourself if you were confronted with aggressive behaviour? If not, Warrior Within is for you. We’ll teach you to escape the most common attacks from an assailant, using your hands, knees and feet as weapons. The techniques we teach are some of the most useful and realistic, these skills will stay with you for a lifetime.

These life saving techniques are taught by 9 times Australian Black Belt Champion, Colin Handley, with 40 years experience.

It’s an Experience that both challenges and empowers you. Together with like minded people, you will overcome some fears while pushing your boundaries. You never have to do anything that is beyond you, but we will encourage you to try activities at your own level.


Warrior Within is open to women of all ages and fitness levels. Bring your friends, your mother, your daughter and enjoy this empowering ½ day workshop together.  These  activities will exhilarate your senses and bring you closer together.

As an optional extra, you could dress up as Wonder woman, Super Woman, Bat Girl or Captain Marvel if you wish, for a professional photo/video shoot, using props and costumes. #instagramable

Who should come

Come along by yourself, or bring a group of friends, family, work colleagues, school students, gym partners or adrenaline junkies, from all over Australia for an empowering Warrior Within Experience .Warrior Within program will challenge your abilities, test your resolve and leave you with an amazing winning mentality.

Upcoming Dates: Sat Oct 31st 2020

Saturday Oct 31st from 9am to 12 noon

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Just $195 per person, or Early Bird Discount of $25 if you book and pay before Oct 16th.

This action experience is one of the best things to do on the Gold Coast! Don’t miss out!

Warrior Within – Video

Warrior Within – Build Confidence

Warrior Obstacle Course

This has fun and challenging obstacles that will develop your balance, agility and strength. This course has balance beams, cargo nets, tunnels, rolling logs, climbing walls, swinging rings, ninja steps and much more.

Self Defence Session

Every woman should know how to de-escalate aggression, and know what to do in the event of physical confrontation or attack. Using your natural weapons like finger nails, fists, elbows, knees and feet, against an attacker’s vulnerable targets. And knowing how to escape from the grip of an attacker.

Hollywood Airbag Jumps

High Falls make you face your fears and build courage and resilience. This is one of the most empowering and exhilarating activities on the planet.

Controlling your fear, anxiety and thoughts, while you jump from our tower into the giant Hollywood Airbag. Starting at low, comfortable levels, and working your way higher if you choose.

There is nothing like the feeling of free fall in a safe and controlled environment.

Super Hero Flying

Strap yourself in to a professional flying harness, and be attached to our Wirework structure, and get ready to feel the rush of flying like a Superhero. You will try some exciting manoeuvres, just like in the movies.

Optional Extra

There is also an option to fly through the air, using our wardrobe and props for a professional action photo/video shoot for your social media channels. This will take 60 minutes following the workshop at an additional cost of $80.

Warrior Within – Motivation building

All of us can always use some extra motivation and clarity of purpose.

Accommodation can easily be arranged across the road from Stunt Park at the Town and Country Motel.

Warrior Within – for Teens and Men also available

This photo shows students from Marymount College doing High Falls.

Our most recent group of Warrior Within Teens came from Tweed River High School, where 10 of their students enjoyed the empowering experience performing a Samurai Sword fight, Ninja Obstacles and High Falls.

The coordinator Matt (The Rock) Ross, explained that one of the children expressed to him, it was the ‘Best day of his life’.

Warrior Within is also available for teens and men!

Click on the image to book or call 0412455005

Colin Handley

Colin is the Principal of Stunt Park and Stunt Academy.

He has been 9 times national Taekwondo Champion, representing Australia numerous times.

Colin has worked alongside action stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Bruce Willis.

Colin has trained with Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Scott Atkins.

His Self Defence techniques are some of the most useful and realistic in the world.

Colin wants to share his knowledge and experience with all the participants.