Two people dressed in western apparel in the Hollywood mountains participating in a stunt fight. the boy has a plastic knife and the girl is dodging his swing.

Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course

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The Hollywood advanced stunt course is an exclusive learning opportunity to train with some of Hollywood’s most experienced and successful Stunt Coordinators and Performers. You will stay at Rancho Indalo, a western-styleh ranch, in the Hollywood mountains. This is the Californian home of legendary sword master and stunt coordinator, Anthony De Longis. 


The Hollywood stunt course is only available for people who have experience in tumbling, shoulder rolls, high falls, film fighting etc. Please contact us to discuss your skill level as you may qualify for the exclusive Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course.

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The Hollywood stunt course will bring your stunt experience to the next level. You will have the chance to shoot live rounds, work with animals, and so much more!

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Postponed until May 2023 Pending numbers


Advanced skills. Expert tutors.
Prerequisite: basic body control and experience in stunts.


Rancho Indalo, a western-style ranch in the Hollywood mountains of California USA.

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All accommodation and meals included in tuition cost. Flights must be purchased separately. Book today for the Stuntmans chance of a lifetime.