Full Day Stunt Person Audition Workshop

World Class Stunt Person Workshop

Are you skilled enough, brave enough and passionate enough to succeed as a world class Stunt Person?

Professional Stunt Course Audition

Well here is your chance to audition for our elite Professional Stunt Course held on the beautiful coastal Gold Coast in Australia.

We will assess your abilities, focus and attitude, during our Full Day Stunt Academy workshop, held on Sunday Oct 7th and Dec 2nd 2018.

We are looking for those with the best potential to make a career in this exciting and competitive industry.

We have produced some of the world’s most skilful and successful Stuntmen and Stuntwomen, who are now working permanently in the Film and Television Industry, often earning between $1000 and $5000 per day.

Our Full Day Stunt Academy Workshop will start with the Commando Style Obstacle Course to determine your overall agility, strength and fitness. Then we will instruct, create and film a spectacular martial arts fight scene.

Following that we put samurai swords in your hands and drill you with skillful technique, enough to film another bloody sword battle.

Workshop Stunt Activities

Flying on wires is next, using the latest wirework technology and techniques to fly you through the air like a superhero.

After a healthy lunch (provided), we start falling techniques into one of the best airbags available in the world:

  • Step outs
  • Back falls
  • Face-offs
  • Headers

will be taught from different heights, depending on your abilities.

Lastly you will put on a harness, and learn the skills of advanced abseiling/rappelling, on our purpose built high tower.

More action follows breaking through windows, going inverted and forward rap jumping.

So what are you waiting for?

Book now and sign up for the Full Day Stunt Academy workshop, where you could be chosen to start a successful stunt career.

The fee for this workshop is only $399!

This fee will be deducted from the 2 week professional course fee, if you pass this audition.

Successful Stunt Academy Graduates

This is Ryan Handley, a graduate of The Stunt Academy and a great example of what hard work, great coaching, dedication, training can lead to. Doing Australia and The Stunt Academy proud on the new Sky Scraper movie in cinemas now. His appearance, professionalism, and skill combined are in high demand so much so, he’s running from studio to studio, costume to costume.

With already work on the biggest DC TV Series and recent blockbusters to name a couple, he’s proved himself over and over again, paving a path to becoming one of the greats. Stay safe Ryan Handley, we’ll see you on the big screen.

Big congrats to Hollywood Course graduate, Ilana Collins, now doubling a well known actress on an action TV series. Still top secret until episodes go to air. It makes us so happy to see graduates succeed in this exciting industry.

Don’t wonder if you could make a career as a stunt person! Join the elite group, book now and find out.

Full 2 Week Pro Course Information

Participant Guidelines

This option is ideal for athletes, martial artists, parkour free runners, gymnasts, motor sports enthusiasts, motorcyclists, extreme sports people. (minimum 1 person)

Stunt Skills Manual Purchase

The Stunt Skills Manual is emailed to you direct within 24 hours of your online order.
Structured to cover the information and skills required by Stunt Professionals.
Usually used in conjunction with a structured Stunt Class.
Covers areas including Tumbling, High Falls, Abseil/Rappelling, Mini tramp, Ratchets, Stair falls, Fire and Burns and so much more.