Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course

Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course in California

Postponed this year, due to Corona Virus, one of the world’s top international  stunt classes is the Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course. The price will be announced when our new 2021 program is finalised. All accommodation and meals are included. The next scheduled date is yet to be announced.

You will stay at Rancho Indalo, a western style ranch, in the Hollywood mountains. This is the Californian home of legendary sword master and stunt coordinator, Anthony De Longis. It is an exclusive learning opportunity with some of Hollywood’s most experienced and successful Stunt Coordinators and Performers.

There are specific requirements for this teaching option. It is only available for people who have experience in tumbling, shoulder rolls, high falls, film fighting etc. The exceptional master class takes all students to the next level of experience while guided by some of Hollywood‘s best tutors. Please contact us to discuss your skill level as you may qualify for the exclusive Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course.

Advanced Tumbling Skills

You will perfect your tumbling skills at the unique Tempest Freerunning facility.

This exceptional facility offers a real-world environment.

You take your skills in:

  • Shoulder rolls
  • Break falls, and
  • Dive rolls

to an advanced level.

Practising and perfecting these very important techniques that every stunt performer needs to regularly use.

Air Ram

You will use the latest Air Rams while you are in Hollywood.

Your teachers are some of the most experienced Stunt Performers and Stunt Coordinators.

You get to:

  • Fly forwards
  • Fly backwards
  • Perform headers
  • Perform face offs
  • Perform somersaults

High Falls

You will use state of the art air bags.

This professional equipment is specifically designed for extreme safety and landing action.

Your teachers are world renowned High Fall Specialists.

A variety of techniques are included such as:

  • Step Outs
  • Headers
  • Face Offs
  • Back falls

Decelerators and Descenders

Instruction at the Stunt Lab with Lane Leavitt is where you will observe and use decelerators and descenders.

These crucial devices serve as a brake to limit the maximum velocity and to stop the performer from hitting the ground.

You will learn about stunt rigging and how:

  • Decelerators and Descenders work
  • To set up Decelerators and Descenders
  • To use Decelerators and Descenders safely and effectively

Hydraulic and Manual Decelerators will be used and demonstrated by some of Hollywood’s best stunt riggers.

Sword Play

During this unique stunt instruction, you will learn how to use a variety of

  • Swords
  • Whips
  • Edge Weapons

You will gain specialised skills and demonstrated experience in using these specialist weapons. This experience will give you a great advantage for when you apply for selection in Action Scenes that require using blades and unique weapons.

A highlight of the swordplay master class is when you meet one of Hollywood’s most respected sword masters, Anthony De Longis. This esteemed instructor will teach you useful tools to add to your Stunt Skills repertoire.

Horse Work

At a fantastic horse ranch in the Hollywood Countryside, you will be taught how to:

  • Ride safely
  • Fall off horses
  • Jump onto horses
  • Sword fight from horseback

Dale and Heather Gibson, working Stunt Professionals, from the Gibson Ranch, are two of Hollywood’s greatest horse experts.

The Gibsons will share their vast experience with our students.

You have the opportunity to work with hand guns and rifles.

During your time at the ranch, you will also learn:

  • Firearms safety
  • Pistol and rifle handling
  • Clearing buildings and strategies

Wire Work

The grand finale is the Stunt Lab. This innovative facility is an industry leader with decades of experience.

The Stunt Lab is renowned for methods to create hardware and techniques that allow for unique stunts to be performed.

Their belief is that the future of action is a balance between technology and art. This is only achieved through experience and innovation.

During the exciting Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course you will use the latest Wire work Technology to perform and film spectacular flying or falling sequences.

This experience is especially useful for movies incorporating Super humans, huge powerful creatures, and many more situations where aerial movement is required.

You will experience:

  • Jerk backs
  • Static Stops
  • Flying
  • Flipping
  • Spinning on our specially designed Rigs, Harnesses and Vests


Numbers are limited so please book online or contact us for details

about the Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course on 0412 455 005.