Professional Stunt Course

Professional Stunt Course Over Two Action Packed Weeks

The Professional Stunt Course is an intensive skills coaching Program that runs from Monday to Friday at our legendary stunt center. Many theoretical and practical elements are covered. This is everything that a Professional Stunt person needs. Activities include Tumbling, Low & High Falls, Motorcycling, Abseiling, Firearms, Fire & Human Torches, Car Hits and Drags, Window Penetrations, Stair falls, Wire work, Aerial Awareness, Stunt Driving, Swordplay and Fight Choreography. You will workout with professional Stunt Coordinators, Stunt Professionals and Elite Athletes during your time at the Professional Stunt Class.

Stunt Skills Manual Purchase

The Stunt Skills Manual is emailed to you direct within 24 hours of your online order.
Structured to cover the information and skills required by Stunt Professionals.
Usually used in conjunction with a structured Stunt Class.
Covers areas including Tumbling, High Falls, Abseil/Rappelling, Mini tramp, Ratchets, Stair falls, Fire and Burns and so much more.