Specialty Private Stunt Skills Session

Specialty Private Stunt Skills Session for Activities

Specialty Private Stunt Skills Session activities are by appointment only.

A standard session is 2 hours, including 4 activities of your choice and can include from 1 to 2 people. 

The price for 1-2 people is $399 for 2 hours, $499 for 3 hours. Additional participants are $99 each.

Private lessons are available in any of the following specialty stunt areas: Motorbike riding, Advanced Abseil, High Falls, Theatrical Fighting, Wire work, Archery, Tumbling, Samurai swordplay, Trampoline,  etc.

Advanced Abseil

We provide effective expert instruction. You will be carefully shown and allowed to practice roping techniques that are useful to the Stunt Industry including:

  • Advanced Abseil
  • Forward Rappelling
  • Climbing
  • Inverted Abseil
  • Attaching Ropes safely
  • Rescue Techniques

Basic abseiling is where one person uses a rope fixed at the top of a drop to descend under their own control to the ground.

Advanced abseiling techniques include a standard rappel. Using this technique, the climber lowers himself down the slope while his back toward the ground with his feet in contact with the wall. An Australian rappel is where the climber faces toward the ground.

Wire Work

The latest action movies use wire work technology to perform and film spectacular flying or falling sequences.

This innovative and effective technology is especially useful for movies incorporating:

  • Super humans
  • Huge powerful creatures
  • Any situation where aerial movement is required

During your session while using our specially designed Rigs, Harnesses and Vests. you will experience:

  • Jerk backs
  • Flying
  • Flipping
  • Spinning

At the end of this Action Experience, if you’re hooked stunts, book a Stunt Academy beginner course. Check out our introductory stunt schools training classes

Motorbike Skills Sessions

Motorcycling is offered separately. The price is $495 for 3 hours, up to 2 people, $99 per person extra.

Our expert instructors at Motorbike Skills Sessions, Stunt Park, Gold Coast, can safely and effectively train you from beginner to advanced skills.

Using our specially modified motorbikes, you will undergo a series of unique instruction drills, depending on your current skill level.

These motorbikes are specially modified to help you learn to:

  • Wheelie
  • Jump
  • The basic skill of control
  • Balance
  • Manoeuvring

This is to improve your quality performance.

Most noteworthy, it will also improve your precision for driving skills to safely execute Action maneuvers including slides, foot brake turns, precision riding, crashing etc.

Braking is a powerful component for riders. This is very important for safe motorbike riding. It takes expert instruction and practise time to master braking techniques.

You must grow in confidence while staying safe on your motorcycle. We are dedicated to improving your motorbike riding skills.

Whatever your skill level, we can help you learn new and exciting skills, that would be useful on the road or dirt track.

Mental and Physical Control

Students are taught how to control the motorbike, both:

  • Mentally
  • Physically

This uniquely effective teaching happens while you train your brain to have a faster response towards controlling the motorbike.

Confidence Building

Students build confidence in balancing the motorbike with less effort.

This feeling boost results in motorbike riders experiencing a ride that is both:

  • More enjoyable
  • Safer

These crucial skills are taught in Motorbike Skills Sessions.

Utilising these skills results in our students having greater confidence to manage and control their motorbike.

This applies in everyday rides to doing wheelie stunts, practising their stunt skills.

Theory and Physics

Our unique Stunt Park motorbike skills instruction includes discussing the motorbike’s:

  • Theory
  • Physics

Another essential unit is an obstacle course to teach students to correct both their balance for:

  • Physical
  • Mental

All Levels Welcome at Motorbike Skills Sessions

In Australian on Queensland’s Gold Coast at Stunt Park Motorbike Skills Sessions, all levels of motorbike riders are welcome including:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Professional

We can make your wildest motorbike riding dreams a reality.

Skills in motorbike riding are achieved while performing both:

  • Safely
  • Precisely

Our international instructors teach the students efficiently.

Most significantly, this is while both:

  • Correcting mistakes at an early stage
  • Developing more suitable skills

Specialty Private Stunt Skills Session Information

Participant Guidelines?

The Half Day adventure is ideal for individuals, corporate groups, sports teams (minimum 2 people).

Number of Participants?

1-40 participants.

Price quoted is for one person, but a minimum of 2 people are required to be paid for.

Groups of any size catered for. Group discounts available. Please contact us for details.


Stunt Park, Nerang, Queensland, Australia

How to Get There?

Stunt Park is located behind the Prana Centre, corner Price St and Brisbane Freeway,
7027 Southport Nerang Road, Nerang
Exit 69 off Pacific Motorway M1


Motorcycling is $485 is for regular training for 3 hours, includes up to 2 people, 4 activities, additional people $99 per person.
Other Specialty skills training is $399 for 3 hours, 1-2 people up to 5 activities.

Please call 0412 455 005 before booking for Specialty Private Stunt Training.


The session length is usually three hours:

9:30 am to 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Sessions can be tailored to suit your time schedule.

A full day session is also available on request.

Sessions operate by appointment only.

Available 7 days a week, excluding public holidays.

Dress Code?

Wear comfortable clothing.

Bring any special wardrobe requirements.

A specialized themed wardrobe will be provided to make your transition into gladiator as perfect as possible.


Takes place in all weather conditions.


Spectators are welcome should you wish to impress a captive audience on the day.

Other Info?

You will be required to sign a waiver on the day prior to participating in this experience.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!