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Warrior Within – Experience Empowering People

Warrior Within – Get the Power!

Challenge Yourself, Conquer Fear And Build Resilience While Enjoying Yourself

Feeling lethargic, people walking all over you?

Finding it difficult to stand up for yourself?

Do you feel like your dreams don’t matter, getting sick of putting others’ needs before your own?

Is the daily grind getting to you?

Perhaps you are having trouble relating to your teen or maybe even your preteen?

You are not alone. There is something you can do about it. These are just some of the reasons more and more women are lining up to do the Gold Coast Stunt Park Warrior Within program.

What is Warrior Within? 

It’s an Experiential Day that both challenges and empowers you. Together with like minded people, you will overcome some of your fears while pushing the boundaries on what the possibilities of what’s achievable for you are. You never have to do anything that is beyond you, but we will encourage you to give some things a go you may not previously have considered that you can do.

There’s no Fire Walking or Board Breaking with your bare hands, there are activities that will stretch your limits, obstacle course, high falls, abseiling and even flying through the air on wires. It’s up to you if you dress up, you could be Super Woman, Bat Girl or Captain Marvel.

What will happen?

Starting with a briefing and then a warm up, we will have fun on the Warrior Obstacle Course, done at your own level of fitness and ability. Then, learn some realistic self defence that could someday save your life. Fly on wires like a superhero, and jump onto our Hollywood Airbag to thrill the senses. During our healthy lunch, we will talk with our Psychologist who will share insights on building self confidence and resilience. After lunch we will abseil down our tower at a level you are comfortable. Finishing the day with a little fun competition in archery and spear throwing.

Come along by yourself, or bring a group of friends, family, work colleagues, school students, gym partners or adrenaline junkies, from Sydney, Gold Coast, Country Towns and Brisbane for an empowering Warrior Within Experience .

This one day adventure program is the ultimate empowering experience. It will exhilarate your senses, challenge your abilities, and test your resolve and leave you with an amazing winning mentality.

Upcoming Dates: 2019

9 am – 5 pm Lunch included

Saturday April 6th – was a huge success!

Saturday June 1st

Saturday August 3rd

Just $350 per person with discounts for groups of 5 or more

This action experience is one of the best things to do on the Gold Coast! Don’t miss out!

Warrior Within – Video

Warrior Within – Experience Action Activities

Imagine running through the Ninja Obstacle Course, a realistic Fight Scene, Flying on wires like a Superhero, High Falls, Rappelling and an exceptional Self Defence Session.

This extraordinary session will boost confidence, self esteem, and motivation. Most noteworthy, your group would enjoy the extreme team building experience.

Our Obstacle Course has fun and challenging obstacles that will develop your balance, agility and strength. This course has balance beams, cargo nets, tunnels, rolling logs, climbing walls, swinging rings, ninja steps and much more.

Warrior Within – Action Star

After a realistic Self Defence Session customised for the group, an exciting Fight Scene will be taught and then filmed. You will be an Action Star. We use fight choreography and stunt techniques, taught by our experts.

You will appear to be an absolute legendary fighter, no matter what level of skill you already have.

All of us have dreamed of flying like a superhero! Now is your chance! You will be fitted with a professional stunt flying harness, suspended in the air, and move around our flying rig.

Costumes are optional.

Warrior Within – Head for Heights

High falls is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can imagine. Jumping off our tower at a height that you are comfortable with, and landing on our huge Stunt Airbag.

There are a few different falling skills you will try at your own comfort level.

Rappelling or abseiling like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, will have you sliding down our purpose built tower on an abseil rope.

You will be fitted with harness, gloves, carabiner and descending device (figure 8). Then taught to rappel smoothly and with precision and skill.

Warrior Within – Motivation and Confidence building

All of us can always use some extra motivation and clarity of purpose.

Our experts will guide you through a fun and educational session discussing:

Self esteem boosting

Dietary advice

Goal setting

You will leave our workshops with useful knowledge and direction that will help you achieve your goals and stick to them.

At the conclusion of the day, we will celebrate with a rewarding presentation ceremony.

Accommodation can easily be arranged across the road from Stunt Park at the Town and Country Motel.

Warrior Within – for Teens and Men also available

This photo shows students from Marymount College doing High Falls.

Our most recent group of Warrior Within Teens came from Tweed River High School, where 10 of their students enjoyed the empowering experience performing a Samurai Sword fight, Ninja Obstacles and High Falls.

The coordinator Matt (The Rock) Ross, explained that one of the children expressed to him, it was the ‘Best day of his life’.

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Colin Handley

Colin is the Principal of Stunt Park and Stunt Academy.

He has been 9 times national Taekwondo Champion, representing Australia numerous times.

Colin has worked alongside action stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Bruce Willis.

Colin has trained with Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Scott Atkins.

His Self Defence techniques are some of the most useful and realistic in the world.

Colin wants to share his knowledge and experience with all the participants.