Specialty private session

Stunt Park offers a variety of different private lessons for you to get the one on one to help with mastering your skills.

A standard private session is two hours and includes four activities of your choice (motorcycling is offered separately). This can include one to two people per booking. The price for a two-hour session for two people is $399 and $499 for three hours. Additional participants are $99 each.

Master new skills

Stunt Park’s specialty private stunt skills sessions are by appointment only. We offer private lessons for any of the following stunt areas:

Motorbike riding, Advanced abseiling, High falls, Theatrical fighting, Wirework, Archery, Tumbling, Samurai swordplay, Tumbling and Trampoline.


Abseiling is a highly useful skill of using a rope to get down vertical drops safely.

Types of Abseiling

Advanced abseiling techniques include what’s called a standard rappel. Using this technique, the climber lowers himself down the slope with his back towards the ground and his feet in contact with the wall. Another advanced technique is the Australian rappel where the climber faces towards the ground as they descend.

Advanced Abseiling

We provide expert instruction on how to abseil with precision and skill. You’ll be carefully shown and allowed to practise roping techniques that are useful to the stunt industry, including:

Forward rapeling, climbing, inverted abseil, Angel dives, Attaching ropes safely, Rescue techniques, and more.


Stuntmen and stuntwomen use wirework technology to pull off spectacular sequences to depict flying or falling.

These types of aerial movements are especially useful in action scenes for movie productions that incorporate fictional characters such as super humans and powerful creatures.

learn what it is like to fly

With Stunt Park’s specialised wirework equipment comprising of rigs, harnesses and vests, we will take you through jerk backs, static stops, flying, flipping, spinning, and more.

MotorBike Skills Session

Stunt Park offers its motorcycling sessions separately. The price is $495 for three hours, up to two people. We charge an additional $99 per extra person.

Our expert motorcycling instructors can safely and effectively take you from beginner to advanced level. Using our specially modified motorbikes, you’ll undergo a series of unique instruction drills, tailored to your current skill level.

Unique bikes

Our motorbikes are specially modified to help you learn to gain basic skills and control, wheelie, jump, balance, and maneuver the bike confidently.

This is to improve the quality of your
performance on the bike. It will also improve your precision for driving skills to safely execute action maneuvers including slides, foot brake turns, precision riding, crashing etc.

Ride Confidently

It’s important for your confidence to grow while also staying safe on your motorcycle. We’re dedicated to improving your motorbike riding skills. No matter your skill level, the team at Stunt Park can help you learn new and exciting skills that will be helpful on the road, dirt track or for stunts.


To book a specialty private session call or send us an email.

 0412 455 005



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