Man with plastic sword poses in a ninja position.
Two girls participating in a stunt sword fight. One girl is knocking the other in the face with the back of her sword.

Half Day Adult Stunt Session

Regular price $299.00

The half-day stunt session is an exhilarating opportunity to experience a range of activities that are the envy of adrenaline junkies. Our half-day sessions are a lower cost and time investment option compared to our full day option, another introductory experience. You may upgrade to the full-day experience on the day. Next session is Jan 7th 2024.


You’ll be guided by our team of experienced stunt performers who will teach you incredible new skills including:

Stage combat, Swordplay, Flying on wires, Commando-style obstacles, and more.


Do you fancy a fun introduction to the wonderful world of stunts? Do you dream of performing stage combat Jackie Chan style, Samurai swordplay, flying on wires like in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or trying your hand at our unique commando-style obstacle course?


2023 Sept 3, Nov 5

2024 Jan 7, Mar 3, May 5, Jul 7


Adrenaline pumping activities.

Expert Instructors.


All activities take place at Stunt Park, Gold Coast.

Stunt Park runs the beginner-level, half-day stunt sessions for four hours at monthly intervals.