Movie Star Experience
Movie Star Experience
Movie Star Experience
Movie Star Experience
Movie Star Experience
Movie Star Experience
Movie Star Experience

Movie Star Experience

Regular price $100.00

Move over Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie. You are about to experience the thrill of being an Action Movie Star in your own Mini Movie.

Choose a theme for your movie scene, decide on the role you want to play, and get yourself into character. This is the ultimate entertainment for children and adults of all ages.

Some of the optional themes are:

  • THOR

Then you decide the role that you want to play.

Pricing:  $450 per person minimum two people.  Pay the deposit above to secure your experience. Call or email for available dates. 

For an additional $250, The Deluxe Package which includes Professional editing of your film with titles, special effects & more

You will be the star of your own action scene and experience the thrill of Hollywood blockbusters

Movie starring you

As the Star, you can choose to perform any stunts that you are capable of, including fights, handling replica weapons, flying on wires, or you can be the actor without performing any stunts. You will be surrounded by professional stunt actors who will make you look like an action movie star.

What Happens on the Day

When you arrive on the day for the Movie Star Experience, you’ll be met by our team of enthusiastic and talented professionals with whom you’ll discuss the day’s program.

Once a theme is chosen, and your role is decided, you will choose suitable wardrobe, and start to choreograph and rehearse the action.

This could include fist fights, knife or sword fights, flying like superheros, or causing superhero carnage to our stunt performers.

Then it’s Lights, Camera, Action and we start to film the whole scene.

Time permitting, we could then watch the outtakes over a well earned beverage. All outtakes of your training and film scene are included in the standard package.

If you decide to upgrade to the Deluxe Package ($250), over the next week, your personal film will be edited with your name on the titles, sound and visual effects, and sent to you on a high quality file via Dropbox, that you can download and share with family and friends, and of course your social media channels.

Creative filming experience

Our professional team will provide many years of experience to enhance your acting and action performance. Clever use of experienced stunt performers,  camera angles and stunt techniques, coupled with use of props and wardrobe will bring this scene to life.


To secure your movie star experience call or send us an email to set the date, and add any additional attendees.

0412 455 005