Spy School

Spy School

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Have you always dreamed of going to a spy school and living the life of James Bond, secret agent 007 starring in a real spy movie? Well with this totally unique and awesome Spy School Experience at the Gold Coast, you can!

Pricing: $100 per person minimum six people. Pay the deposit above to secure your experience. Call or email for available dates. 


You will start your Spy School day at Stunt Park with a Spy Briefing. This is followed by the Commando Style Obstacle Course, where you will develop your balance, strength, and agility.

Next you will be instructed in learning skills for unarmed combat, stealth, firearms handling, and archery.

spy experience

Then you will be harnessed up and go through the ropes and high jumps from the tower.

Our Spy School Experience provides you with the opportunity to feel what it is like to be a real spy, and gain actual skills in these areas.

You’ll be hooked on stunts at the end of the Spy School Experience!


To secure your spy school session please call or send us an email to set the date, and add any additional attendees.


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