Man with a serious face poses with a plastic sword.
Group of six people engaging in a stunt sword fighting battle.

Gladiator Training Session

Regular price $100.00

Have you always dreamed of learning ancient combat skills and techniques? Fancy living the life of a Titan of the arena?

Everything that is old is new again! Join our Gold Coast Stunt Park center to get involved in great fight scenes.

Pricing: $100 a person minimum six people. Pay the deposit above to secure your experience. Call or email for available dates. 

Train like a gladiator

During our Gladiator Skills Session, you will do the same physical exercises that real Gladiators did centuries ago. It’s a wide array of exercise across three categories: Strength, Rapid, and Violent.

Activities range from lifting heavy objects, to agility work, speed drills, grip instruction, and strength conditioning.

Three women climbing up a diagonal wall with a rope
Great for groups!

The Gladiator Training Session is our latest attraction for corporate groups. This action experience is popular for either fun, as an incentive prize, or for team building.

Imagine your group competing against each other or in teams! Who wins the longest Spear Throw or the most accurate Knife and Axe Throwing, or the Best Archery Shot Who is the Most Skilled Swordsman/Woman, and Unarmed Combat King? The possibilites are endless!

wardrobe, check!

Gladiator Skills sessions can be held at our unique Stunt Park location on the Gold Coast. We can also bring most of the equipment to any suitable location around Australia, or internationally.

Participants can wear their own comfortable clothing; however, we can also theme the event, with Gladiator style wardrobe pieces including: lion clothes, tunics, armed guards and more!

Availability and booking

To secure your gladiator training session call or send us an email to set the date, and add any additional attendees.

0412 455 005