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Proven Stunt Courses At Best Stunt Academy

Stunt schools zone at Stunt Park is a stunt training world leader for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed stunt courses. Most noteworthy, the Stunt Academy provides a range of short introductory sessions, two week professional, intermediate professional, and advanced stuntman training classes. Are you ready to get the best training at our Academy for kick starting your stunt career?


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Short, Professional and Advanced Stunt Courses

Our globally renowned skill development instruction is therefore suitable for new and established stunt performers, stunt doubles, stunt riggers, stunt coordinators, and stunt actors.

Furthermore, for nearly 25 years, the iconic Stunt Academy has successfully operated elite stunt woman and stuntman training at exceptional international stunt schools locations:

  • Gold Coast, Australia
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Phuket, Thailand

In addition, if you are not sure which of our stunt courses is probably right for you, just call us on 0412 455 005. Have a chat with our Stunt Academy experts in the industry who can help you get in the stunt training zone by providing more information.

Also, you can email us at [email protected].

International Stuntman Training Experts

Stunt Academy was founded by international expert, Colin Handley. Especially relevant, in the stunt instruction field as it was Colin’s vision to create the best worldwide stunt training environment.

Furthermore, our stunt courses are where only highly qualified, experienced instructors pass on their knowledge and stuntman training skills using world class equipment.

Most significantly, at our stuntman schools we provide training.

  • Body control
  • Fire burns
  • Near explosions
  • Taking vehicle impacts
  • High falls
  • Stair falls
  • Wire work
  • Air ram
  • Precision expert stunt driving

In conclusion, our state of the art stunt courses are located in iconic worldwide destinations. One of the world’s most internationally acclaimed stunt schools is based at the Gold Coast, specialising in professional stunt training.

Recent Feedback from Our Stunt Training Graduates

Check out what our Stunt Academy graduates shared with us on TripAdvisor after the September 2016 Professional Stunt Course:

“Best Experience ever!”

I recently did my 2nd course at the academy (2 week professional) & it was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done! I learnt so much in those 2 weeks, valuable education for someone like myself who is keen to work in the stunt industry. In addition to the extensive training, I met an awesome bunch of like-minded people from all over the world, all walks of life, between 15 & 50 years old, who will all be mates for life after sharing such a life-changing experience. Colin & his instructors are of world-class standards & I highly recommend the Australian Stunt Academy for anyone looking to further their skills or try something new & exhilarating.
Jessica Stafford

“Life time experience”

Just graduated the 2 week course and absolutely loved it. Was jam-packed full of thrills and action. Was so much fun and a life time experience. Met some friends for life. Working alongside of Colin and Tim was a privilege. Very professional with lots of great knowledge they passed on about the stunt industry. What an eye opener.”“Just graduated the 2 week course and absolutely loved it. Was jam-packed full of thrills and action. Was so much fun and a life time experience. Met some friends for life. Working alongside of Colin and Tim was a privilege. Very professional with lots of great knowledge they passed on about the stunt industry. What an eye opener.
Richie Rhodes

“Australian Stunt Academy”

Had the best time I could ever imagine, met new friends and found my calling into the stunt industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in stunts.
Luke Bellamy

Finally, our Californian Advanced Stunt Course is the ultimate experience. This master class is to sharpen skills and develop knowledge because they play a significant role in performing stunts successfully.

Our leading stunt schools provide world-class stunt courses with cutting edge stunt training activities and techniques. Check out our Blog post about the career path for a qualified, skilful stunt performer. The Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course is based in Hollywood, California.

International Demand for Stunt Training Graduates

Graduates from our stunt courses now work professionally applying the knowledge, activities, and skills learned during the Academy stunt woman and stuntman training.

Highly-skilled and experienced stunt professionals trained at Stunt Academy have stunt performer, stunt double, stunt actor, stunt coordinator, and stunt rigger credits for performing in blockbuster films.

These famous titles include The Matrix, Thin Red Line, Mission Impossible, and Mad Max: Fury Road, and television shows including Moby Dick, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, and Lost World.

An Academy stuntman training graduate and now sought after stunt professional, Ryan Handley is known for his stunt roles in international movies, Deadpool, Warcraft: The Beginning, and Suicide Squad. Ryan also was the stunt double for Nicolas Cage in Outcast.

In 2016, the prestigious organisation, Stunts Canada accepted Ryan as a member, joining with other world-class stunt professionals. Ryan also works in Canada on the popular television show, The Flash. Now as a successful stunt actor, Ryan performs the role of the masked Zoom, lead villain, Speed Demon.

ryan handley stunt schools graduate air ram fire ball explosion at stunt academy
Stunt Academy Hero
ryan handley stunt academy graduate as zoom

Film & TV Credits For Our Stunt Schools Graduates


How Much Do Stunt Performers Get Paid?

Earnings for a stunt performer vary depending on their experience level, the negotiated contract, and the type of media production they work on. According to the Government of Western Australia’s, Department of Training and Workforce Development’s, Career Centre a stunt performer’s earning potential increases as their skills and reputation develop. High quality stuntman training courses and demonstrable experience are the keys to finding regular work.

Minimum Pay Rates

The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), the union for performers in the United States sets the minimum pay rates for work done by stunt performers/doubles and coordinators.

The daily minimum rate is US$933 and the weekly rate US$3,479. Stunt performers also get a stunt adjustment on top of that rate if they are doing a dangerous stunt. The stunt adjustment is based on the difficulty of the stunt they perform. For example, this amount ranges from a few hundred for a basic fall up to several thousand for a car cannon roll. In addition, the amount of experience or expertise the performer has is an important factor. If the performer is the only one who is capable of doing the stunt then they will command a higher pay rate.

In Australia, the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) set the minimum wage rates for stunt performers.

Hours and Working Conditions

Entertainment productions have no set hours of operation. Stunt performers must be willing to work from pre-dawn until nighttime to create the perfect shot or scene. Most importantly, stunt performers are required to work in all types of weather conditions.

Stunt Skills Manual Purchase

The Stunt Skills Manual is emailed to you direct within 24 hours of your online order.
Structured to cover the information and skills required by Stunt Professionals.
Usually used in conjunction with a structured Stunt Class.
Covers areas including Tumbling, High Falls, Abseil/Rappelling, Mini tramp, Ratchets, Stair falls, Fire and Burns and so much more.